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We also supply every day products that are either better quality, or have a better price point than the products you can buy from the big retailers. THE FARMER is owned and operated by farmers who believe in the industry.

  • G CASE


My name is Grant Clark, I am a Dairy farmer from Waimana. I came up with the concept of combining a fence tester with a cell phone case a couple of years ago. I was getting frustrated with never having a fence tester on me when I needed it and annoyed with having so many things in my pockets. 

I knew that I needed to combine it with something that I already carried on me every day. I carry my yellow note book, my pocket knife and my cell phone. At one point I was looking to add LED lights into the handle of my knife and use the blade to touch the wire. The lights would light up depending on how many KV were running through the fence. 

I still think that it’s a good idea, but if you wanted to find a fault then you would still need to go and get your fence tester/fault finder. This is missing the point of having one on you at all times without carrying separate devices.


Long story short

Over the course of 6 months I worked closely with BETA SOLUTIONS in Palmerston North, an electronic engineering consultancy who specialise in electronic product design, and IDEA DEVELOPMENTS in Fielding. IDEA DEVELOPMENTS are plastic specialists and also are heavily involved in product development. I cannot rate these two companies highly enough. They both work with a very high level of professionalism. They have a huge amount of experience and genuinely love what they do, but most of all, I never felt like a "dumb farmer", they listened to what I was wanting to achieve and took the time to explain every step of the product development process.

I hope you enjoy the G CASE!

"I am not trying to reinvent the wheel. Just make it better."


Aprons are just Aprons… WRONG

It’s funny how "used to the same old thing" you get, and never stop to ask “maybe there is some thing different out there?”. In the farming industry we seem to be bombarded with so many different options. 50 types of drench, 30 different grass seeds and 100 different ways of becoming more ‘sustainable’. 

Yet when it comes to milking aprons there were no choices.

Until now that is!

Today I am the BOS

Tomorrow I am SUPERMAN

This is where the saying on the home page comes into play “same shit different day”

It’s the same. But different 

There are aprons… and then there are APRONS


I have been using waterproof note books during calving for years. However, they always end up messy and disorganised, because they were not designed for dairy farmers. I would then have to transfer all the calving info from my WPNB to my YNB. and then… 



Why not make a WPNB especially designed for Dairy Farmers. I know, I know, it’s not rocket science, and I’m sure I won't win any invention awards for it. But you have got to admit… it’s a bloody good idea.